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Hello there !

You are Invited :)

You are Invited 🙂

First comes love, then comes marriage. Come celebrate with us as we tie the knot on 25th Jan 2012 at MTB Shubha Meru Convention hall, Mahadevpura Ring road, Bangalore.

Muhurtam : 10:15 AM to 11:15 AM.

Reception: Jan 25th 7.00 PM onwards.



About Us :

Smitha Murthy : Smitha Murthy is the CEO of Genelon Institute of Life Sciences Private Limited. She did her graduation from New Horizon College of Engineering. She did her Masters in Molecular Medicine from University of  Sheffield. She talks a lot and Ranjith most of times has to just nod his head and smile. She has a beautiful smile and Ranjith was first very very impressed by her smile. She loves her iPad 2. She has absolutely zero appetite and eats less than a cat. She knows the best how to treat some one special.

Postive Traits : Fun loving, talkative, Extremely creative,zero turnaround time in making friends.

Negative Traits : Extremely short tempered & trusts people very quickly.

Ranjith Yermal : Ranjith Yermal is working as a Senior Software Engineer at GTNexus Software Private Ltd. He did his graduation from NMAMIT, Nitte.  Silent, sober, decent guy from a halli (village) named Yermal, near Udupi.  And what was Smitha impressed with ? Haha. Prasad GVN marketed him very well and sold Ranjith to Smitha 😉 Ranjith always dreamt of a wife who would be wearing langa daavani and welcoming him home everyday after office hours 🙂 The dream is now fulfilled with Smitha Murthy being exactly that kind of girl. (Ranjith is literally ROFL reading this.) Foodie and an Apple fanboi.

Positive Traits :  Comparatively less short tempered, fun loving, somewhat creative.

Negative Traits: Lazy, Less intelligence in prioritizing people and things and the list goes on.

How,When & Where we met :

‘How’ is a considerably long and funny story.  In short Ranjith Yermal was teasing Prasad GVN about always being on phone with Smitha Murthy. Prasad always denied that they are just bestest friends. Ranjith on the other hand always said we are just friends is the world’s  most cliched statement. This went on and then finally ended up with Ranjith Yermal getting in touch with Smitha Murthy (somewhere Mid Dec 2010) over text 🙂 and then meeting Prasad GVN and Smitha Murthy at a coffee shop on 27th December 2010.  They met couple of more times (the count shall not be revealed here.), went out and blush is coming (Intentional grammatical error you grammar nazis), LOVE happened :). Ranjith Yermal proposed Smitha Murthy on 17th Jan and Smitha Murthy without much hesitation accepted the proposal 😉 (How can she deny a proposal from some one like RYermal 😉 😛 )

End of the short story. You shall be bored to read it in detail here so get in touch to know the detailed story 🙂

Engaged on 15th May 2011. And now we are getting married.

Please consider this as their personal invite 😉  Be there.  Kyunki har ek friend zaroori hota hain.

Be there :)

Be there 🙂

Comments welcome 🙂


Ranjith Yermal & Smitha Murthy 🙂



Posted: August 26, 2010 in Freedom, general

“A free bird leaps on the back of the wind
and floats downstream till the current ends
and dips his wing in the orange suns rays and dares to claim the sky.

But a bird that stalks down his narrow cage
can seldom see through his bars of rage
his wings are clipped and his feet are tied so he opens his throat to sing.

The caged bird sings with a fearful trill
of things unknown but longed for still
and his tune is heard on the distant hill
for the caged bird sings of freedom.

The free bird thinks of another breeze
and the trade winds soft through the sighing trees
and the fat worms waiting on a dawn-bright lawn and he names the sky his own.

But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams
his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream
his wings are clipped and his feet are tied so he opens his throat to sing.

The caged bird sings with a fearful trill
of things unknown but longed for still
and his tune is heard on the distant hill
for the caged bird sings of freedom.”

— Maya Angelou (I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings)

Frame of Freedom

Frame of Freedom

Shot at Bappanaadu Temple, Mulki, Near Mangalore, Karnataka.

My entry to Frames of Freedom contest, an initiative by blogadda.

Hyumbal Reqwyest

Posted: May 20, 2010 in general

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Diyar Ryeeders yaand Fryands,

Long tyam Ai hyaav naat ritten yeny blaag posst. Dha ryeajon beeing Ai yaam dyaam bizy with mai waark. Wyen Ai sttartyed blaaging I yaalvays thaat I wyill rite yeah posst yeverydyay. Butt no tyme you sea. Hyell laat of Work Ai syay. Blyaady fayar on dha yaas. And wyeekyends, no time wonly. Tryip, patagraapy, yaand yexcetra yexcetra.

Butt Fryands,

Ai praamiz to come byaak wid some ryeally gwood possts swoon.
Tyill thyen you waal yenjaay.

Youvar swappart ij waat Ai waant.

Hyumbal Request

Chyears yaand Re guards,


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What is LIFE?

You remember 3 Idiots? In a scene A student was asked a question – ‘What is a machine ? ‘ And he answers practically and in a more simple way than a bookish definition. And there was this other student who gives the exact book definition.

Similarly is LIFE. There is N interpretation and definition about life. But no one can force *YOU* to accept any definition.There may be one universally accepted definition but you can always counter interpret that. Similarly is life. I am not saying what Deepak Chopra or some big heads tell is wrong. It is just their ‘POINT OF VIEW’. What matters is the way you treat your life! Practically.

Do I sound like a douchebag AH ? Stop reading. Your interpretation of me is what it is. Leave this post and go live a life. 🙂

Disclaimer : This Post has nothing to do with the Meaning of LIFE though the heads-up given above makes you smell that 🙂

Here is MY interpretation of Life and Priorities. Read it under your own risk.
What I mean is, this is entirely based on my LIFE, and any resemblence to your life is purely coincidental.

(Note: It’s my ‘LIFE’ and your’s is ‘life’. It just means I care about my LIFE much more than your’s.)

Age 0- 5 : You have no idea what is happening. Every one lifts you,kisses you, hugs you and some kids are KWEL enough to go to a stranger and some kids don’t. What is LIFE in this age ? Absolutely no idea. ! And priorities ? – Would be Mom’s hug, Dad’s love, Grandmom’s story telling etc.

Age 6- 15 – OK, grown up KID. Remember those days where you grow up all of a sudden, look tall, have pimples all over your face. ?

LIFE in this age is, what your parents, teachers (Miss you MISS 🙂 ) have told you. ‘Maga, Doddavanaagi Dodd Engineer aagbeku, ETC ETC !’ . You are too young to interpret what the hell is a Engineer or Doctor’s job (may be you have some idea. But definitely you aren’t sure of how difficult it is ! ).

What influences you is your friend, who’s dad came from Sharjah and got him a FUNKY water bottle/bag/ Geometry Box. It’s just that you FEEL ‘Wish I had that !’. But your inner you would know you won’t get that.But still. !!

You make new friends, speak , quarrel get into some group of ‘BEST FRIENDS’ concept.
May be at this age I used to spend very less! May be I wasn’t earning you know. Or may be that’s the way I thought my life is ! *Stop this ‘May be’ thing dude. Move ahead. *

Age 15- 21 : Gahaha. I love this ! OH MY GOD WHAT A CHICK!! College days. You try to act smart. You want to be famous. You think a GETOUT from the classroom was an ACHIEVEMENT. You like being praised. You live a bachelor’s life. You live for yourself. (There are lot of things here to include, but simply thought to cutshort.)

You try your hands on cigarette just to show off and want to know what Beer is all about. Again, not much to spend as you don’t earn. You think , once I start earning I can spend like crazy. !

Age 22- 28 : Machan,You have a job! You start earning. And yeah lot of spendings. That fancy credit cards interests you ! You spend a lot , You buy unnecessary tshirts, clothings, shoes, gadgets, and what not.You spend on girls. (<– Not applied to Ranjith yermal. He doesn't spend on girls. And FYI, he doesnt spend on guys too. )

But haha, You miss those golden moments of college life. And again, you are your TOP priority! You are in this mid 20 crisis. You think about yourself, your future. You think of making some money. You want to be rich.

Age 28-31 – Pepere dum dum. Haha, You get engaged. The priority changes from you to your ‘WOULD BE’. You talk only about him/her. You meet your friends you talk about him/her. SMS, chat , phone calls, gifts, and what not. Dream about her, meet, date, praise etc etc !!

Once you are married, phone calls reduced, rarely any smses. Priority still remains your wife! She is what you speak about in your social circle. Upload your wedding pics, waiting for people’s reaction and what not.

Age 31+ – Wow, You have a kid. The priority is now your kid. . You speak about your kid. Your kid is what will be the centre of attraction amongst your social circle. You spend on him/her, take pictures, upload his/her pictures on fb and wait for people’s reaction. You feel happy when you see other parents parenting their kids and you speak ONLY about KIDS 😉 .

Then the kids grow up, you think about its future, schooling and you start saving. You do whatever you can for his/her future. And Me thinks, 90% of the people at-least in India live and earn only for their kids wellbeing. Your son/daughter is TOP priority.

Whatever it is, I feel , it’s between 18-28 is where you live with you being ypur TOP priority and is the best part of your life. I mean my LIFE!

For kids reading this post : You are too young to read this.

For bachelors between 18- 30 : Guys, ENJOY. This is the best part of your life.

For engaged/ just married couples : Hey look, your would be/husband/wife just called. GO JIYO.

For the kids’ Mommy/Daddy : Do some work and earn some penny for your kids future instead of reading this post. 😀

Your thoughts ? You can leave your comments below 🙂

– Ranjith.

Best Friend’s Wedding!

Posted: April 30, 2010 in general

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The past – Way back in 2003 I joined NMAMIT, Nitte.  All new people, lot of hot chicks (oh really ? ) and what not! It was indeed best part of my life till date!  And then we had to study. I was really very lazy (I still am! ) to study though was an active participant in all other activities. Then there was this girl who became my good friend. Ramya. She is someone with whom I studied ! Semester exams and my friends knew I would be in Ramya’s place. There were incidents where in my friends teased me with her. (For that matter, I was being teased with many other girls too 😀 (trying to be MR.COOL Ryermal ?? ))

The present – It was her wedding. Wow! I was excited! Indeed. Took a day’s off and headed back to Udupi with my good old friends. It was damn hot there in Udupi.  Met some new guys there from Wipro.  Had fun. More than 1500 photos shot there!! You can find some of them in my flickr link. 3 days there and then  back to Bangalore, WORK.

Some photographs of Ramya’s Wedding –









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Posted: April 30, 2010 in general
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Wow! I am excited. My first blog and my first blog post!

Well I always wanted to write something interesting.

After writing my first note on fb, I am into some serious writing now. Hopefully I will carry on with my writing.

And Naanavanalla ? Huh. It means I am not him. Whom ? Heh. HIM. Read more –

Every person I meet says “I am special, I am not like all, I am unique ” etc . HOLY CRAP.

You need not say that Mr. YOU !!  Every one is different in their own ways!

Naanavanalla is just a way of expressing this feeling. Everyone in this world is special. Chill maadi.

– Ranjith.