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Posted: January 16, 2012 in general, wedding invite
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Hello there !

You are Invited :)

You are Invited 🙂

First comes love, then comes marriage. Come celebrate with us as we tie the knot on 25th Jan 2012 at MTB Shubha Meru Convention hall, Mahadevpura Ring road, Bangalore.

Muhurtam : 10:15 AM to 11:15 AM.

Reception: Jan 25th 7.00 PM onwards.



About Us :

Smitha Murthy : Smitha Murthy is the CEO of Genelon Institute of Life Sciences Private Limited. She did her graduation from New Horizon College of Engineering. She did her Masters in Molecular Medicine from University of  Sheffield. She talks a lot and Ranjith most of times has to just nod his head and smile. She has a beautiful smile and Ranjith was first very very impressed by her smile. She loves her iPad 2. She has absolutely zero appetite and eats less than a cat. She knows the best how to treat some one special.

Postive Traits : Fun loving, talkative, Extremely creative,zero turnaround time in making friends.

Negative Traits : Extremely short tempered & trusts people very quickly.

Ranjith Yermal : Ranjith Yermal is working as a Senior Software Engineer at GTNexus Software Private Ltd. He did his graduation from NMAMIT, Nitte.  Silent, sober, decent guy from a halli (village) named Yermal, near Udupi.  And what was Smitha impressed with ? Haha. Prasad GVN marketed him very well and sold Ranjith to Smitha 😉 Ranjith always dreamt of a wife who would be wearing langa daavani and welcoming him home everyday after office hours 🙂 The dream is now fulfilled with Smitha Murthy being exactly that kind of girl. (Ranjith is literally ROFL reading this.) Foodie and an Apple fanboi.

Positive Traits :  Comparatively less short tempered, fun loving, somewhat creative.

Negative Traits: Lazy, Less intelligence in prioritizing people and things and the list goes on.

How,When & Where we met :

‘How’ is a considerably long and funny story.  In short Ranjith Yermal was teasing Prasad GVN about always being on phone with Smitha Murthy. Prasad always denied that they are just bestest friends. Ranjith on the other hand always said we are just friends is the world’s  most cliched statement. This went on and then finally ended up with Ranjith Yermal getting in touch with Smitha Murthy (somewhere Mid Dec 2010) over text 🙂 and then meeting Prasad GVN and Smitha Murthy at a coffee shop on 27th December 2010.  They met couple of more times (the count shall not be revealed here.), went out and blush is coming (Intentional grammatical error you grammar nazis), LOVE happened :). Ranjith Yermal proposed Smitha Murthy on 17th Jan and Smitha Murthy without much hesitation accepted the proposal 😉 (How can she deny a proposal from some one like RYermal 😉 😛 )

End of the short story. You shall be bored to read it in detail here so get in touch to know the detailed story 🙂

Engaged on 15th May 2011. And now we are getting married.

Please consider this as their personal invite 😉  Be there.  Kyunki har ek friend zaroori hota hain.

Be there :)

Be there 🙂

Comments welcome 🙂


Ranjith Yermal & Smitha Murthy 🙂

  1. Shubha says:

    Silent, sober, decent guy?? really??

  2. @Shubha – Indeed. Yes! The world knows that 🙂

  3. M.G.Ramarajan says:

    Smitha–vagi, Ranjitha- vagi irali nimmibbara balu. Nanavanalla!!!!! Beautiful………….Ranju

  4. Ankush says:

    Congrats Ranjith bhai….wish u a happy married life ahead 🙂

  5. Shilpa says:

    Wish U n Smitha, advanced Happy Married life..:) Both make an awesome n cute couple:)

  6. kruthi bhoopalam says:

    hey Ranjith, thanx so much for the invite. Very happy to c and know about the refreshing new couple. Wishing you and smitha loads of happiness and togetherness. – Kruthi

  7. Raghav says:

    Very creative..

  8. Navaneeth says:

    The song that came in my mind after reading this

    Ranjith alias Ranju & Simtha alias Simi [ 🙂 sorry for creating aliases for both if u ]

    Ranju: Nee neerige baare
    Nee neerige baare Simi bindge hidkondu
    Nee neerige baare Simi bindge hidkondu
    Naan nodok bartheen-ninna
    Naan nodok bartheen-ninna hasava hodkondu
    Simi: Nee oorige baaro
    Nee oorige baaro Ranju naukri hidkondu
    Nee oorige baaro Ranju naukri hidkondu
    Naan nodok bartheen-ninna
    Naan nodok bartheen-ninna nam appan karkondu

    Wish you both a very Happy Married Life 🙂

  9. Kavitha says:

    Hey Ranjith,

    Wish you & Smitha a Happy married life ahead in advance both make a wonderful couple… kavitha

  10. Kadambari says:

    Awesome … God bless you ….and Congratulations … and time of celebration………

  11. Dear Ranjith and Smitha, A very beautiful blog, and describes the sweet short love story.
    For curious people like me that is just an appetizer, and would like to know in detail more 🙂 (may be in person).
    Let there be Love,
    Let there be Happiness,
    Let there be Freshness
    In every moment
    In every event
    Where you are together
    And let this togetherness last a life time!

  12. Vineetha says:

    Hi Ranjith…
    Congrats to you both!! Have a great, happy and fun filled married life. All the best for the future. Really loved the above story:-)

  13. Kartik says:

    Hey Ranjit/Smitha,

    Lovely website, a truly beautiful beginning to the story, must say both of you are very very fortunate.

    We are sure the wedding preparations are going well … cherish and enjoy every moment of your married life together.. We wish you the very best on a Happy , Joyous and Prosperous married life together

    We are sorry we won’t be there in person, would have loved to be there. Will meet you guys next time we are in Bangalore.

    ENjoy madi,
    Shri and Kartik

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