Hyumbal Reqwyest

Posted: May 20, 2010 in general

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Diyar Ryeeders yaand Fryands,

Long tyam Ai hyaav naat ritten yeny blaag posst. Dha ryeajon beeing Ai yaam dyaam bizy with mai waark. Wyen Ai sttartyed blaaging I yaalvays thaat I wyill rite yeah posst yeverydyay. Butt no tyme you sea. Hyell laat of Work Ai syay. Blyaady fayar on dha yaas. And wyeekyends, no time wonly. Tryip, patagraapy, yaand yexcetra yexcetra.

Butt Fryands,

Ai praamiz to come byaak wid some ryeally gwood possts swoon.
Tyill thyen you waal yenjaay.

Youvar swappart ij waat Ai waant.

Hyumbal Request

Chyears yaand Re guards,


  1. shubha says:

    Mai swappart ij wiit you..you tek youvar tyme..

  2. GVN says:

    hahaha wokay 😀

  3. Shridevi says:

    Enna sir iddhu??? Inglees teriyad… eppadi nee posa post ezhuthungal?

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