Best Friend’s Wedding!

Posted: April 30, 2010 in general

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The past – Way back in 2003 I joined NMAMIT, Nitte.  All new people, lot of hot chicks (oh really ? ) and what not! It was indeed best part of my life till date!  And then we had to study. I was really very lazy (I still am! ) to study though was an active participant in all other activities. Then there was this girl who became my good friend. Ramya. She is someone with whom I studied ! Semester exams and my friends knew I would be in Ramya’s place. There were incidents where in my friends teased me with her. (For that matter, I was being teased with many other girls too 😀 (trying to be MR.COOL Ryermal ?? ))

The present – It was her wedding. Wow! I was excited! Indeed. Took a day’s off and headed back to Udupi with my good old friends. It was damn hot there in Udupi.  Met some new guys there from Wipro.  Had fun. More than 1500 photos shot there!! You can find some of them in my flickr link. 3 days there and then  back to Bangalore, WORK.

Some photographs of Ramya’s Wedding –









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  1. Pranav says:

    Neat pictures…

  2. I am glad the retweet button is working perfectly on your post:)
    I saw that you just started your blog.
    I felt the warmth and the love in your blog, I think that you are up to a a very good start Ranjith!
    Good luck!

  3. Raghuram says:

    Great pictures, especially the collages! Shit. Competition is now growing! 🙂

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